Welcome to Shiatsu Works

Shiatsu Works is a North East based massage company, offering Shiatsu, Sports Massage and injury rehabilitation.. We are based in Jarrow with off street car parking and are a 5 minute walk from Jarrow metro station, making us easily accessible from Newcastle and Sunderland.

At Shiatsu Works we specialise in the art of relaxing, revitalising and recharging and pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments.

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What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an ancient form of massage, originating from Japan. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience which can have a positive effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of human capacity.

Shiatsu involves the application of pressure with thumbs, palms, elbows and knees across the receivers body focusing on the energy pathways called meridians. These meridians, when blocked, disrupt the energy flow which can create pain, illness and disharmony. It is this same principle of energy flow which is used in acupuncture and acupressure. Unlike these forms of treatment, which focus on using needles or pressure points, shiatsu works the whole meridian that runs throughout the receivers body. Shiatsu also focuses on the muscular, myofascial and connective tissues making it ideal for helping with the recovery of injury.

Benefits of shiatsu

Shiatsu can be used on many levels to enhance overall wellbeing. Shiatsu can be used to relax the body and mind; to help combat the negative effects of stress; to relieve pain; to help with the recovery of illness and injury; to improve performance; or generally provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Treatments can be tailored to the needs of the receiver and are found to be particularly effective in dealing with chronic and acute physical pain, such as back, neck, shoulder and joint pain.Shiatsu also has the benefit of easing tension and stiffness which can help improve flexibility and mobility.

Our treatments ultimately provide a relaxing, revitalising and recharging experience which is necessary for achieving an optimum state of health and well being.